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Rob Peterson

Rob Peterson

Chief Executive Officer

Robbrings over 20-years of experience in capital markets, and structure credit and private equity investments. As Chief Financial Officer, Rob oversees the financial strategy and health of the company including accounting, capital markets, liquidity management, and financial analytics.

Prior to joining 51Ƶ, Rob was a General Partner at private investment firm Route 66, and managed credit-focused private investments, including structured debt and forward purchase commitments, and private equity. His thought leadership and depth of experience in portfolio management, including structuring, analysis, trading, and risk management, helped maintain a collaborative and creative process that balances capital efficiency and value for Route 66’s clients. During his tenure at Route 66, Rob deployed over $100M in private debt investments generating a gross return in excess of 15%.

Rob also headed the capital markets function of Goal Financial, a student loan originator, where he issued and restructured over $1 billion of debt securities and generated profits in excess of $100 million. He also managed a $2.5 billion portfolio of fixed income investments for E*Trade Bank; and helped manage a $7 billion mortgage loan portfolio at Friedman Billings Ramsey. Rob began his career at KPMG as a structured finance analyst, where he honed his financial modeling expertise across a variety of mainstream and niche asset classes.

Rob holds a BS in Accounting and International Finance from American University and an MBA from the University of Maryland College Park.


Andrew Evers

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Evers brings over two decades of experience in Banking, Finance & Administration, and Contact Center Services. He has led engineering, information technology, security, and regulated operations teams in finance, defense, and healthcare industries. With a background in automation and product development spanning over two decades, he has successfully delivered multiple complex platforms and products. These achievements include spearheading technology migrations and launching innovative products such as Cronacle V8 (also known as SAP Business Process Automation by Redwood), RunMyJobs (Hybrid Cloud Workload Automation), DXC Contact Center as a Service, and cutting-edge cards and payments services.

Before joining 51Ƶ, Mr. Evers held prominent CTO roles at ISX Financial (Payment and Core Banking Software and Services), DXC’s Business Process Services (Banking, Finance, Administration, and Contact Center Services), and Redwood Software. In addition to his organizational roles, he actively contributed to shaping the technology landscape. His contributions include notable involvement with the Apache Software Foundation and the Java Community Process, where he played a pivotal role in JSR 236: Concurrency Utilities for Java™ EE and JSR 237: Work Manager for Application Servers. Mr. Evers has also been a sought-after speaker at esteemed conferences like JavaOne.

Having lived and worked in Australia, the Netherlands, the UK, and currently based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Mr. Evers brings a global perspective to his work. He holds a BSc in Information Technology with First Class Honors from the University of Western Australia.

Michael Clark

Chief Marketing Officer

Michael Clark is an experienced marketing leader with deep expertise in B2B technology marketing, designing innovative and effective marketing strategies, and using data and metrics to drive growth. He works closely with Sales a and other stakeholders to ensure end-to-end alignment and success. Michael is responsible for the marketing team at 51Ƶ, leading the go-to-market strategy and tactical execution for both direct customers and partners.

Before 51Ƶ, Michael led other marketing teams for SaaS, cloud, software, and services companies focused on B2B technology companies.

Michael graduated from Susquehanna University with a degree in English.

He lives in NJ with his wife and 2 children.

John Solomon

John Solomon

Country Manager India

John Solomonjoined 51Ƶ in 2007 and has grown his way into leading the entire India Operations. He assumed the role of General Manager in 2009 and has been directly managing lead generation and sales teams. He also indirectly manages back office operations that include billing and collection, infrastructure and customer service. John is based in Chennai office in India but also travels to Bangalore sales office.

John has over 10 years of experience in inbound and outbound marketing. Prior to 51Ƶ, he led global marketing and communication in ZSL, Inc. and Corporate Asia Technologies.

John earned his Master in Business Administration with concentration in Marketing and Human Resources. John and his wife, Revathy, have two lovely daughters.