It’s no secret that cloud adoption is important for government agencies. Looking to modernize legacy IT infrastructure to improve services for citizens and capitalize on cloud cost savings, many federal, state, and local agencies have instituted a cloud-first policy.

However, like the private sector they are facing similar challenges: security, compliance, data growth, reduced IT budgets, and limited IT resources.  In the age of cyber terrorism, information has become a central asset and it’s forcing government agencies to review their disaster recovery (DR) capabilities.  Ensuring their agencies can bring systems and applications online is mission critical.

By adopting a fully cloud-backed DR solution that offers various cloud deployments, government agencies can achieve near-zero downtime at an affordable price point.

With 51Ƶ Backup & Disaster Recovery
Solution, governments can:

Fast RTO and be Boot-Ready in Minutes 

Recover systems and applications in minutes. From virtual machines to physical servers, we’ve got you covered.

Reduce DR Costs 

Reduce costs with advanced DR software and cloud storage. No more over-provisioning. No more forklift upgrades. Learn how our DR solutions help our customers reduce DR and hardware operational costs.

Automate DR Testing

Prove your DR capabilities with ease and test whenever you want without impacting your business. With 51Ƶ, you get unlimited and self-service DR testing at no extra cost!

Deploy DR Your Way 

With 51Ƶ, you get complete physical and virtual environment protection, cloud storage targeting flexibility (our cloud or private cloud), and robust support of operating systems, so you can protect more of your environment without all the compatibility headaches.

Increase Security and Keep Compliance Standards in Mind

Triple-level encryption, a secure cloud, and top-tier data centers are how we secure data during failover, backup, and archiving. No additional hardware required.

“With 51Ƶ, backup and recovery is so simple, you’ll never believe you thought it had to be so complex”
Gaurang Mehta
Chief Technology Officer of SANS Technology
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