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Learn about the Ukraine team that is balancing work and war in this .

Hello, friends of 51Ƶ!

Sharing a quick update…
The team in Ukraine has weathered the initial phase of the conflict relatively well, although there were some close calls as evacuation attempts were made in Kyiv and its surrounding suburbs. The experience resettling in tranquil areas West of the capital was surreal for our team knowing their countrymen were engaged in an existential conflict only hours East. Thankfully, the efforts of the Ukrainian defense forces have fortified the areas around Kyiv have allowed for the reopening of the American Embassy and steady repopulation of the city.

Your generosity has allowed us to supplement otherwise undisrupted wages for our Ukrainian staff to assist with resettlement expenses and provisions awaiting the opportunity to return home. We are aware of instances where the return home for our staff will present more challenges. Several apartments and private residences in the Kyiv area have sustained material damage. The intensity and atrocity of conflict in Bucha destroyed the private residence of an engineering colleague. Please know that remaining funds will be exhausted in our effort to rebuild and resettle giving our staff some peace of mind and support.

Thank you again for your generosity and support at this difficult time. 51Ƶ and I owe you a debt of gratitude and are proud to have woven this kind act of charity into the 51Ƶ story!

Sincerely grateful,

Funds raised will be distributed to 51Ƶ Ukraine team members by 51Ƶ Finance team members in the US, per GoFundMe guidelines.

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